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Maple Street Surgery is a private billing practice. Patients are able to instantly have the Medicare refund put into their nominated account.

Why Is My GP Charging a fee.

Fees  1st April 2023   

*If you have a low income Health Care Card, Pension card (aged/Centrelink/disability) you will receive the discounted fee shown below. Children U16 and DVA card holders will remain Bulk Billed. Doctors at MSS passionately believe in practicing quality and affordable medicine. If you are concerned about the cost of your care please discuss this with your doctor during your initial consultation. You may be eligible for one or more of the numerous Federal Government programs available to patients. Please enquire with your doctor as this could substantially reduce your out of pocket cost.

Schedule of Common fees Regular Fee Discount Fee* Medicare Rebate Out of pocket
Standard Consult (up to 15 minutes): Single Issue $85 $65 $39.75 $45.25 (Reg)
$25.25 (Disc)
Long Consult (20-40 minutes) : Complex issue or list of multiple issues $135 $105 $76.95 $58.05 (Reg)
$28.05 (Disc)
Prolonged Consult (40+ minutes): Multiple complex issues $185 $136 $113.30 $71.70 (Reg)
$22.70 (Disc)
Mental Health Care Plan (20-40 minutes): $135 $96.25 $96.25 $38.75 (Reg)
$0 (Disc)

New Patients: Will be always booked for a double (30 minute appointment) – these will be charged per the Fees table above.

*Discount: If you have a low income Health Care Card, Pension card (aged/Centrelink/disability)

Bulk Bill: DVA card holders for their specified condition. Children under 16 years old.

Weekends : On Saturdays $95- $100 Standard, $130-$135 long and $85-$90 for children under 16

Other Appointment Types:

Commercial Drivers Licence Medical – $130 (no Medicare Rebate)

Work Related Paperwork – $85-$150 (time dependent with no medicare rebate)

Driver Licence from $130 to $135